Hlihlila Otunwah/Winner Community History

This information was taken from various sources including: Birth of the Rosebud Country by Lawrence Antoine, 1975.


Buildings: According to Life Magazine (July 2, 1971 p. 59) 72 Sioux families lived one block off main street in Winner in an area called Indian Town. The conditions were bad there and the people wanted the city to work with the Rosebud Tribal Council to provide better housing for the families living in Winner. A tribal housing development was eventually built on the eastern side of town.

Families: Antoine, Colombe, Garneaux, Janis, King.

Issue Station: There was no issue station at Winner.

Location: Winner is located in Tripp County, east of Rosebud.

Origins: Winner was developed as the County seat of Tripp County in 1909 when that part of the Rosebud Reservation was opened to settlement. People from Milk's Camp, Bull Creek, Ideal, and other areas of the reservation migrated to Winner because it was a large town near the reservation.


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