Nunp Kahpa Tawicoti/Two Strike Community History

This information was taken from the following sources: Rosebud Sioux: Images of America by Donavan Sprague; Map accompanying the Rosebud Indian Reservation Annual Report, 1885.

Churches: A Catholic Church was located in Two Strike.

Buildings: There was a community building used in the 1970s - 1980s.

Families: Two Strike, Little Hawk, Little Eagle, Female Bear, Cut Feet, Two Heart, Thundering, Living Bear, Red Weasel, and Troublesome Bear appear on the 1885 Reservation map in this area.

Issue Station: Two Strike Community did not have an issue station or Boss Farmer, people had to travel to Rosebud to conduct business.

Location: The community was located between Rosebud and St. Francis in 1879 and was originally part of the Agency District. In 1885 this area was located in Farm District No. I.

Origins: This community was named after Chief Two Strike (Numpkahapa) who was born in 1815 in northwest Nebraska. His three wives were: Bear Heart (Oglala), Standing/Her Good Horse (Oglala), and Brown Eyes.


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