St. Francis Mission School News

1920 Photograph of Ghost Dance leaders (Brulé) – Big Turkey, Short Bull, and Bone Shirt, St. Francis Mission, Rosebud Indian Reservation, St. Francis, South Dakota. (image from Marquette University Archives)

November 1935 Sioux Chieftain: Chieftain staff included J. Eagle Dog, Editor; Emil Red Fish, W. Iron Wing, F. Iron Shooter, H. Graham, and V. Conderario Assistant Editors; Collins Jordan, Wm. LaPointe, W. Bossingham, I. Flood, and L. Hernandez Reporters; Orville Night Pipe, Donald Hudson, and Philip McGillis Typists; G. Flammond, Business Manager; L. Quick Bear, D. Black Horse, and P. Whirlwind Soldier Assistants.

New Band Members include: Donald Johnson and Mark Brave - E flat Clarinet; Orville Night Pipe and Clifford Boltz - B flat Clarinet, solo; Bernard Boltz, Floyd LaPointe, and Norman Short Bull - 2nd Clarinet; Donald Hudson, Homer Ferron, and Vincent Condelario - Cornet, solo; Irvin Flood and Roy Flood - 1st Cornet; Carl Iron Shooter and Adolph Richards - 2nd Cornet; Clifford Bordeaux, Hobbart Graham, Henry White, and Leonard Quick Bear - Alto Horn; Andrew Bear Shield - Tenor Horn; William LaPointe and Bernard Lambert - Trombone; Delmar Smith - Baritone; Paul Hudson - Tenor Saxaphone; Joseph Eagle Dog and Raymond Bordeaux - Alto Saxaphone; and Forster Hawk Wing - E flat Bass Horn.

The Choir and Glee Club has admitted several new members some of whom were formerly in the Holy Rosary Choir. The membership of the choir at present is as follows: Tenors - Wm. LaPointe, H. Ferron, D. Johnson, C. Boltz, C. Bordeaux, C. Jordan, J. Ross, I. Flood, S. Twiss, L. Cordier, L. Hernandez, D. Blackhorse, and R. Morgan; Basses - O. Night Pipe, E. Red Fish, W. Flammond, B. Graham, S. Boyd, Wm. Patton, V. Conderlario, H. Lee, J. Tuttle, J. Bergen, W. Blackfeather, and H. Stands; Soloists - Wm. LaPointe, C. Bordeaux, O. Night Pipe, and E. Red Fish.

The St. Francis Baseball team beat Rosebud Boarding School twice in October, 1935, once at Rosebud Boarding School and once at St. Francis.

1967 Graduates: Kathryn Blea, Mark Bordeaux, Virginia Bordeaux, Bernadette Borszich, Mary Ann Brave, Arlene Crow Eagle, Darlene Crow Eagle, Sarah clifford, Donald Douville, Kerwin Eagleman, Alta Lizotte, Mary Long, Sherman Marshall, Aneta Medel, Andrea Menard, William Menard, Rita Millard, Michael Moran, Gloria Ramirez, Carmen Roubideaux, Aleta Spotted Elk, Donald Skrdlant, Glenford Walking Eagle. (Rosebud Sioux Herald May, 1967)


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