St. Francis Military News

American Legion

1966: New officers of the Philip Stands American Legion Post 297 are: Commander, Ellis War Bonnet; Vice-Commander, Taylor Mousseaux; Adjutant, Melvin White Bird; Finance Officer, Abraham Bear Dog; Chaplain, Henry White Buffalo; Historian, Jacob Bear Dog; Service Officer, Paul Ring Bull; and Sgt-at-arms, Gabriel Larvie.(Rosebud Sioux Herald, June 6, 1966)

1969-70: New officers of the Philip Stands American Legion Post 297 are: Commander, Alfred Boneshirt; Vice-Commander, Robert Bordeaux; Adjutant, Arnold Mousseaux; Finance Officer and membership chairman, Ellis War Bonnet; Chaplain, William Bad Hand; Historian and publicity officer, Harold White Hat; Service Officer, Taylor Mousseaux; Athletic Officer, Francis Crane; and Sgt-at-arms, Mathew Boneshirt. Auxiliary officers are: President, Angeline Rabbitt; 1st Vice President, Audrey Whiting; 2nd Vice President, Alice Bordeaux; Secretary, Rose Bordeaux; Treasurer, Lavina War Bonnet; Chaplain, Dorothy Crane; Historian, Evelyn Vasser; Sgt.-at-arms, Katherine Omaha Boy; and Executive Committee, Lillian Little Hawk, Goldie Whipple, and Anna Rose White Hat. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, April 21, 1969)

1971: Robert B. Bordeaux is the new commander of Philip Stands American Legion Post 297 at St. Francis and Mary Sue Boneshirt is the new Auxiliary Unit 297 president. Other new legion officers are: Mathew J. Boneshirt, vice commander and membership officer; Arnold L. Mousseaux, adjutant and VAVS officer; Ellis J. War Bonnet, finance officer; Taylor A. Mousseaux, service officer and Americanism officer; Francis P. Crane, sgt-at-arms; Richard L. Keller, chaplain; Alfred T. Boneshirt, historian; and Adam A. Bordeaux, child welfare officer. Other new auxiliary officers include: Ollie V. Mousseaux, 1st vice president; Lillian Little Hawk, 2nd vice president; Lorene Metcalf, secretary; Lavina J. War Bonnet, treasurer; Dorothy Crane, chaplain; Dorothy Fish, historian; Alice Four Horns, sgt-at-arms. The following were elected to the Executive Committee: Catherine Omaha Boy, 3 year term; Alvina Bear Shield, 2 year term; and Anna Rose White Hat, 1 year term. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, 3 May 1971)

Military Honors

Army Pfc Anthony J. Hollow Horn Bear, son of Mrs. Dorothy Wright, received the air medal in combat in Vietnam. He is a 1966 graduate of Todd County High School. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, April 21, 1969)


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