Wiwila Wakpa/Spring Creek Community History

This information was taken from the following sources: Lakota Archives and Historical Reserch Center Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sites Project, Prepared with a FY 93 Historic Preservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service, 1995.

Churches: Catholic.

Buildings: In the 1930s a man named Quigley ran a store. There was a large round dance hall which sat along the river that was also used for meetings. The Spring Creek Day School is still in existance today as part of the Todd County School system.

Families: Walking Eagle, Kills in sight, Kills in Water, Mousseaux, Left Hand Bull, Swift Hawk, Quigley, Spotted Elk, Owns the Fire, Small Bear, Horned Antelope, and Makes Room for Them.

Issue Station: There was no issue station or Boss Farmer station at Spring Creek. People had to go to Rosebud to do business.

Location: Spring Creek Community is located in the south west portion of the reservation southwest of St. Francis. It is the last stop on the highway from Grass Mountain or from St. Francis.

Origins: This community is named after Spring Creek which meanders through southwestern Todd County. When the reservation was first formed Spring Creek referred to a large farm district which included the communities of Spring Creek, St. Francis, and Two Strike.


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