Rosebud Community Members

Chief Spotted Tail

Big Turkey Camp was located near Rosebud Agency (Sioux of the Rosebud).

Louis Roubideaux was the offical agency interpreter in 1889. His log house was next to the Jordan Trading Post. During the councils that year to break up the Great Sioux Reservation the people would gather around his house and listen to members of the Crook Commission speak. Louis was the son of TaĊĦina Sapa (Her Black Blanket) and Joseph Sellico Sylvester Roubideaux (Robidou). He was also the Captain of the Indian Police at one time. (Sioux of the Rosebud) Several images of Roubideaux, his family, and his home were taken by photographer John Anderson and are found in the book, "Brule: The Sioux People of the Rosebud," by Paul Dyck.


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