Wakpala/Okreek Community History

This information was taken from the following sources: Birth of the Rosebud Country by Lawrence Antoine, 1975; Lakota Archives and Historical Research Center Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sites Project, Prepared with a FY 93 Historic Preservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service, 1995; Bennett-Mellette-Todd Counties, SD County Wide Directory: 15th Anniversary Issue, Larchwood, IA: County-Wide Directory L.L.C.; Trails and Forts: History of Exploration and Settlement by Milo Koskan, 2005; Map accompanying the Rosebud Indian Reservation Annual Report, 1885.

Churches: Catholic and Episcopal.

Buildings: There was a Day School. A postoffice was established in 1912 in Sec. 10, T39N, R26W with the proposed name "Oak Creek" but it became OKreek and remains open today.

Families: The following families are listed on Big Oak Creek in 1885: Elk, Muggins, David Dorian, Afraid of Bear, Red Willow, Louis Dorian, Thick Bread, Standing Cloud, Thick Bread Jr., Dancer, Pipe on the Ground, Yellow Fox, Bear Ghost Jr., Little Crow, Pacing Hermaphrodite, Harney, Plenty Horses, Bear Ghost, Antoine LaDoux, Plenty Chief, Thomas Flood, Night Pipe, No Heart, Good Voice, Jumping Eagle, Attacking, Deaf & Dumb, Money, Eagle Shield, Philip Good Voice, Jos. Wright, John Remis, Chas. DeSersa, Mrs. Hollow Horn Bear, Jos. Prue Jr., Jos. Prue Sr., Oliver Prue, and Armond Gallineau.

Issue Station: yes.

Location: East of Mission in eastern Todd County in what was Farm District No. I in 1885.

Origins: Named after Oak Creek which runs through the community. Oak Creek originates in northwestern Tripp County at T103 R78 Sec 31 and runs into eastern Mellette County at T43 R25 Sec 36. It runs along the eastern edge of Mellette County passing east of Mosher then angles south and west until it runs into Todd County at T40 R25 Sec 31.


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