O'Kreek Community Members

Richard Joseph Cordier was the youngest son of Joseph P. Cordier, 10/25/1882, and his wife Ann Prue (or Four Roads). Joseph P. is the son of a John Cordier and his wife Louise Schmidt, and John is the son of Charles Cordier (non-indian).

Mary (Rames) Haukaas was honored Nov. 15 at Okreek for her 87th birthday. Mrs. Haukaas has two living sisters, four sons and one daughter. Also 37 grandchildren, 76 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild. During her girlhood she lived in Wewela and later moved to Okree. She now lives in Mission. Her living sisters include Mrs. Kate LeClair of St. Charles, and Mrs. Julia Mengel of Belleview, Wash. She was married to Peter Levi Haukaas. Their daughter is Mildred Antoine of Mission. Sons include Everett of Hidden Timber, Henry of Okreek, Herman of Okreek, and George of St. Francis. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, 23 November 1970)

Chief Good Voice served as a scout for the U.S. Army. He encouraged his people to stay away from the Ghost Dances in 1890. He also worked to get a church and school built in Okreek District. (Todd County Tribune, 20 June 1929)

Annie Prue Four Roads was the sister of Levi Prue. These Prues, descended from Oliver and Millie Prue, settled in Okreek.

Fire destroyed the Sioux 400 home of Velma Reifel, widow of the late Delbert (Jim) Reifel, at Okreek on the morning of Jan. 12. All furnishing were burned but no one was injured. She has several children. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, 18 January 1971)

Edward and Harriet (Frazier) Ross were the maternal grandparents of well-known author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. He was a Santee while his wife was a Ponca.


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