Ideal History

This information was taken from Lakota Archives and Historical Reserch Center Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sites Project, Prepared with a FY 93 Historic Preservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service, 1995; Map accompanying the Rosebud Indian Reservation Annual Report, 1885.

Churches: Holy Spirit Episcopal Church was built in the 1920s.

Buildings: A post offices was established in 1909. In the 1960s the Rosebud Housing Authority built several houses in the community.

Families: King, Crooked Foot, Thunder, Stands, Eagle Hawk, Old Lodge, Felix, Bear Looks Back, Gunnysack, and Bad Hand.

Issue Station: In 1913 the long Big White River issue station warehouse located at Hamill was cut in two pieces with one section being sent to Ideal and the other sent to Milk's Camp.

Location: Ideal is northwest of Winner, SD and southwest of Hamill in northcentral Tripp County this location was part of Farm District No. IV in 1885.



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