Ideal Community Members

Frank John King settled along Bull Creek near the Big White River Issue Station in 1896. He later became Boss Farmer after the issue station was moved to Hamill. He married Martha Bob Tail Crow and their son Frank John King was born in 1905. John King Sr. was accidently shot and killed at a horse race in 1910. John Jr. was raised in the Indian Community at Ideal. In 1942 he and his wife Pauline and their family moved to Winner, SD. (Before Homesteads in Tripp County and the Rosebud)

Vivian Winter Chaser, secretary at the Rosebud Housing Office, has decided to return to college. She will be attending a junior college in Phoenix, Ariz. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Winter Chaser of Ideal. (Rosebud Sioux Herald, 7 September 1970)


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