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Cannunpa Sapa Tawicoti/Black Pipe Community History

This information was taken from the following sources: Lakota Archives and Historical Research Center Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sites Project, Prepared with a FY 93 Historic Preservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service, 1995; Bennett-Mellette-Todd Counties, SD County Wide Directory: 15th Anniversary Issue, Larchwood, IA: County-Wide Directory L.L.C.; Mellette County, 1911-1960; Crusading Along Sioux Trails: A History of the Catholic Indian Missions of South Dakota by Sister Mary Claudia Duratschek, OSB, Ph.D.; Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1890; Map accompanying the Rosebud Indian Reservation Annual Report, 1885; Trails and Forts: History of Exploration and Settlement by Milo Koskan, 2005; and, Rosebud Sioux: Images of America by Donavan Sprague.

Churches: During the winter of 1889 preaching and teaching was carried on at the American Missionary Associations' Northfield Station on Black Pipe Creek by Eli Spotted Bear. St. Pauls Catholic Church was located on Black Pipe Creek and St. Barnabas Catholic Church was built in the Red Leaf Camp on Black Pipe Creek in 1899.

Buildings: A round dance hall was constructed for celebrations. In 1909 a postoffice was established in Norris which continues to serve the communities of Black Pipe and Corn Creek. Black Pipe Creek Day School was operating two miles north of Norris in 1894 and there was a Field Matron Cottage built in 1892. The Red Leaf Day School was six miles south of Norris along Black Pipe Creek near the Pine Ridge Reservation Boundary.

Families: Black Bull, Quick Bear, George Poor Thunder, Jessie Good Voice, Standing Bear, Zarder Big Crow, Alfred Larvie, Red Measels, Good Thunder, Crazy Bear, Forgets Nothing, Cordier, Spotted Owl, Yellow Bird, Charging Bear, Yellow Elk, and Ben Looking White. The 1885 map shows the following names: Crow Head, Thomas Thompson, Cherry, Old Eagle Man, Eagle man, Lodge Skin Shirt, High Shield, Dirt Eater, Lays on his Belly, Black Bird, Little Wound, Shot in the Face, Black Ring, Running Horse, Hunts Horses, White Black Bird, Brave Dog, Little Crow, Hollow Horn Bear, Black Bull, White Tail, Red Boy, Jumping Nation, Jumping Thunder, Eagle Horse, Crow Dog, Medicine Lake, Foolish Heart, Six Toes, Black Tail, Two Hawk, Face Darkling, Charging Wolf, Bull Dog, Running Horse, Good Boy, Broken Face, Four Horns, Crow Good Voice, Bull Walks Behind, Quick Bear, Big Hawk, Crow Eagle, White Crow, Red Leaf, Stands for Him, Eagle Horse, Standing Bear, Four Hands, Loafer, White Crane Walking, Shoot at Hail, Bay Horse, White Thunder.

Issue Station: The government built an issue station near Black Pipe Creek in 1892.

Location: Black Pipe is north of the Norris area in southwest Mellette County in what was originally named Farm District No. II.

Origins: Named for Black Pipe Creek the creek Quick Bear's village camped along.


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