Bad Nation Community Members

Whirlwind Soldier was born about 1833 and died 15 May 1915 at Rosebud Agency. He married At the House, born 1847, and they had Clement, George, Meet Together, Anna, and Josie. Clement married Martha Bordeaux, daughter of James and Marie Bordeaux and they had Emily (married Ernest Denoyer), Richinda (married Benjamin LaPointe), and Lena (married a Dexter). George married Lissie and they had Mary, Homer (married Mary Julia Neiss), Lydia (married Little Elk and Arthur Henry Ree), Grace, Ruth, and Pius.

Making molasses at Bad Nation Community, ca. 1938 (ARC Identifier 285671) Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Rosebud Agency. NARA's Central Plains Region (Kansas City, MO)


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